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BabolaT XALT 130mm/16 12M Set Tennis String

BabolaT XALT 130mm/16 12M Set Tennis String

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Babolat combines arm-friendly comfort with impressive control and durability 

With this unique multifilament, Babolat delivers a seductive combination of comfort and control. The comfort comes from the core, which is packed with flexible polyamide (nylon) filaments. The control comes from the outer wrap, which features glass beads to create a stiffer, more durable string. Babolat also finishes the surface with a silicon coating to enhance snapback and further improve durability. Combined, these features result in an impressive multifilament, one that not only delivers arm-friendly comfort but also allows you to swing bigger when loading the ball with pace and spin. 

Gauge: 16/1.30mm
Length: 12M
Composition: Multifilament (polyamide filaments, durable outer wrap with glass beads for greater durability. Silicon coating)
Color: White 
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