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LUXILON 4G 125 STRING 200M REEL Desert Bronze

LUXILON 4G 125 STRING 200M REEL Desert Bronze

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4G features maximum tension and a cushioned feel on impact, lending itself to easy playability and adaptability to the modern game defined by power and spin.

Luxilon exceeds all quality standards for near-zero variance in string. 

Pro players count on every set being identical

String is completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture

Reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability as 4G does not suffer from tension loss common to other strings

Color : Gold, Black

Country Of Origin : Belgium

Pack Size : Reel 660' reel/200m

String Category : Luxilon

String Gauge : 17 (1.25mm)

String Material : Poly-Ether-Ether

String Type : Polyester



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