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Lacoste L23 Tennis Racquet G2 4 1/4 300G Frame

Lacoste L23 Tennis Racquet G2 4 1/4 300G Frame

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Following on the heels of the L20, this racquet gets an impressive overhaul for 2023! In addition to widening the string spacing for easier spin and net clearance, Lacoste has retooled the specs and geometry, resulting in a noticeable boost in stability, power and comfort. Engineered by Tecnifibre, the L23 is defined by its elegant detailing and iconic style. To help with comfort, the L23 features an updated version of the dampening system developed by Rene Lacoste. It also has an innovative string pattern, which has denser spacing in the center for control, and wider spacing at the edges for a more forgiving response. Ultimately, with its user-friendly combination of spin, power and precision, this is the perfect option for playing aggressive singles and doubles. The beautiful cosmetic by Lacoste is a nice bonus!

  • Material Graphite for power and stability
  • Weight 300 g /11.02 oz and balance at 320 mm /12.6"
  • Head size 645 cm² /99.9 sq in and length of 68.7 cm /27.05"
  • String pattern 16x19

  • Grip Size G2  4 1/4"
  • Graphite (100%)
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